CBD Bath Bombs 100mg

CBD Bath Bombs 100mg

CBD Bath Bombs 100mg


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CBD bath bombs infused with essential oils and organic non-GMO CBD. Each bomb contains 100mg of CBD in a 7oz package



Creating an amazing sense of calm, these bath bombs use the best of aroma therapy and the magical benefits of CBD to create an experience like no other. Each bomb can provide relief for chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and relief for aching muscles. Since the essential oils and CBD are absorbed through your skin it helps to provide an unparalleled overall body experience. Prepare to enter a state of nirvana once utilized. Each bomb contains 100mg of CBD in a 7oz package.

Revive- our sweet rose scent assists in the flow of vital energy. It may help in developing positive and peaceful thoughts.

Relax- our spearmint scent assists in developing peaceful and positive thoughts and is great for muscle pain.

Flow- our coconut scent is infused with softening oils and soothing epsom salts. It is a perfect way to leave your skin feeling soft and shimmering along with providing you with the helpful benefits of CBD.

Release- our peppermint scent may help in reducing headaches and muscle spasms. This crisp clean scent is great for all of your aches and pains.


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Flow, Relax, Release, Revive


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